Solar Energy Pathway

No initial outlay - Cash positive immediately
A sound business decision - deliver exceptional return on investment
Investment in your assets - Add value to your property
Environmental benefits - Move to a renewable energy future
Inflation busting - Hedge a long term low electricity price
Energy security – Warranted system performance

How does a solar energy system work?

The premise of a solar energy system is very straightforward and the benefits are therefore easily and reliably forecasted.

A Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy System relies on daylight which causes the PV cells within the solar panels to energise. With these cells being supported by silicon semi conductors of a positive and negative bias so direct current (DC) electricity is produced. Centreco offer trusted solar panels for business in the UK and by layering such structures and creating a solar array as a result so an efficient energy system is created.

This array is connected to an inverter, to convert the DC current to an alternating current (AC) with characteristics consistent with that to power drawn from the electrical grid. By introducing switching gear so an electricity network can use the electricity generated by the solar energy system rather than from the grid. As a result a property ends up using the “free” electricity generated by the daylight over the costly electricity provided by the electricity company.

In the event that the solar energy system generates more electricity than a property needs then this electricity is exported to the grid for use elsewhere and the owner of the system gets paid for the surplus generation by the electricity company.

Meters are put into the network to measure the amount of electricity generated by the solar energy system and the amount used on site and that exported back to the grid.

1 Solar panels generate DC electricity

Daylight causes the PV cells within the solar panels to energise and produce direct current (DC) electricity.

2 Inverter converts electricity to AC
Inverter, which can be mounted in a location to suit a client internally or externally, converts the DC electricity to alternating current (AC) for use.
3 Site uses solar power over grid
Existing electrical switchboard, re-configured to use solar power over that provided by the grid, fitted with new generation meters to measure solar electricity used on-site and exported from the site.
4 Grid connections stay in place
High-cost electricity supply from the National Grid through an electricity supply company.
5 Electricity drawn from grid only if needed
Solar power will be used over that provided by the grid. However, if extra power is required this is drawn on from the grid as normal.
6 Surplus solar power sold back to grid
In the event that the solar energy system is producing more power than the site requires, the surplus electricity is exported and sold back to the grid.

Centreco deliver a commercial solar energy system from start to finish

Centreco design, model and plan your system

Designing a Solar Energy System

By knowing when the sun rises and the sun sets i.e. day light hours in any location and by analysing historic weather records, over 20 years, for that site aligned with...


Financial Modelling of a Solar Energy System

The key issue is that a solar energy system offers premium returns to a business. Centreco will therefore price a system at the most competitive rate possible...


The Approval and Pre-installation Phase

Once the design and funding structures are sanctioned by a client the solar energy system moves through to an approval phase. Centreco will manage this approval...

Centreco build, commission and can manage your system

The Installation Phase

Once approvals and the preliminary works are in place then Centreco will enact the installation project plan agreed with a site’s management and operations teams...


The Commissioning Phase

Once the system is installed as per the design, then final quality and electrical checks will be conducted and signed off by Centreco management and the...


Maintenance and Monitoring

A solar energy system in itself requires little maintenance as there are no “moving parts” and cleaning is only necessary if local conditions dictate. To that...

The Centreco Difference

Centreco provide the ultimate after-care package for solar energy systems in the U.K.

Deliver bespoke solar energy systems for your property

Install roof, floating or ground mount systems

Only work with top tier solar panel and electrical equipment

Can facilitate integrated re-roof, repair or over cladding

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