No initial outlay - Cash positive immediately
A sound business decision - deliver exceptional return on investment
Investment in your assets - Add value to your property
Environmental benefits - Move to a renewable energy future
Inflation busting - Hedge a long term low electricity price
Energy security – Warranted system performance

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Centreco offer a complete commercial solar energy installation service for your organisation

Centreco install all sizes of commercial solar energy systems

A solar energy system from Centreco will work for companies spending as little as £1,000 per month of their electricity bills. As reference a £1,000 a month electricity spend would equate to broadly a 40kW solar energy system. All you need is the available space to lay the solar panel array, in most instances your property’s roof is ideal, a 40kW system would only require 200 m² of space.

Manufacturing, processing, refrigeration, production, fabrication and industrial companies will significantly benefit from having their own solar power plant and Centreco are adept at installing such solar pv systems across the United Kingdom. Commercial renewable energy is beneficial across a full range of business premises, most common are factories, warehouses, commercial operations and industrial premises.

Any site spending more than £1,000 per month will see immediate benefits from a solar energy system. Centreco have worked on commercial renewable energy systems from 30kW to beyond 1 MW in size and are skilled in maximising returns from such systems sizes.

Solar panels for commercial use are within reach for most business types and with Centreco’s tailored financing packages accessing the benefits of solar energy with no cash outlay has never been easier.

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