Leading engineering company build for the future with a Centreco solar energy system

Image: Centreco Installation for Machine Building Systems (48kW Solar Energy System)

  • Centreco delivers an industry-leading solar energy system to Machine Building Systems, a Derbyshire-based supplier of modular aluminium systems.
  • On-site electricity generation is now in place through a 48kW capacity system at their Derbyshire
  • Bespoke designed system comprising 113 Tier One Solar Panels.
  • Equivalent electricity generated from the system at only 4.7p per kW Hour for the long-term.
  • Green energy generated resulting in CO2 savings of 233 tonnes forecast over the next 25 years

Leading UK installers of commercial Solar Energy Systems, Centreco (UK) Limited, are pleased to announce the completion of a 48kW installation for Derbyshire-based supplier of modular aluminium profile systems, Machine Building Systems. The solar energy system, consisting of 113 roof-mounted tier-one panels, will allow the Company to generate its own green electricity allowing MBS to save 233 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the next 25 years.

Using the latest modelling techniques alongside site surveys, Centreco were able to design and install a bespoke solar energy system matching MBS’ energy demand, ensuring the best long-term commercial returns for the business whilst maximising the benefit from the otherwise redundant roof space.

Established in 1989 and based in Derbyshire, MBS’s reputation has been built on quick delivery times, massive stockholding, and excellent build and product quality. Their wide array of expertise in the engineering industry makes MBS the natural choice for machine builders and end users alike.

As part of a growing industry within the UK, MBS have been exploring new technology and materials in order to lead their market through competitiveness and innovation, they have explored advanced high wood content-based systems and new digital design techniques.

This drive for progress led MBS to look for solutions to address their energy costs and sustainability goals. They turned to Centreco, as a renewable energy business with a shared forward-thinking approach, to design, develop and install a tier one solar energy system as part of the Company’s energy transition strategy.

MBS like others within the precision engineering industry, have been affected by the recent instability within the energy supply sector and suffered the impact of rising electricity prices. With the addition of a Centreco solar energy system, MBS is now able to benefit from fixed electricity costs of just 4.7p per kWh projected over the next 25 years. This offers a substantial saving against grid-supplied electricity and fundamentally reduces a significant business overhead.

The installation protects MBS from long-term inflationary pressures on energy procurement whilst addressing supply chain environmental integrity and as such plays an important part in the Company remaining highly competitive in their engineering sector.

Stuart MitchellManaging Director of Machine Building Systems, commented on the installation by saying “We’re very happy with our 48kW solar installation and the way Centreco conducted the whole process, from concept to completion.  I felt that we were dealing with a highly competent company, who knew what they were doing, right from their initial approach to us. It is quite gratifying to see the main meter stop dead on a sunny summer day!”

Alan Cuthbert, Project Development Manager at Centreco also commented,

“MBS are typical of many of the clients we are working with in the engineering market, in that they are facing ever-increasing energy prices and environmental demands. A Centreco Solar Energy System is the perfect for an engineering business as not only does it reduce their electricity prices significantly, but it also boosts their green credentials. The cost savings delivered by this system are immediate and it provides peace of mind that the business is protected against any future energy price hikes.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with a dynamic business such as MBS on this project and wish them all the best in making the most of their self-generated renewable energy for many years to come.”

 21st August 2023

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