Lakeland Commercials


Lakeland Commercials are a family run transport Company. Formed in 1990, they operate a fleet of 44 haulage vehicles throughout the U.K., as well as coach operation from their Cumbrian base.

At the Lakeland Commercials’ Kendal site the Company operates a commercial garage offering general maintenance, MOTs, services and tachograph calibration.

Lakeland Commercials pride themselves on the standard of their operation and the value for money they provide to their customers.

Key Stats

Client Type

Owner Operator




Kendal, Cumbria

Project Type

Tier One Solar Energy System – Roof Mounted

System Size


Installation Date

August 2017

The Brief

Lakeland Commercials were keen to reduce their electricity bills at their Kendal site, but wanted a cash positive solution with immediate pay back. With a view to also reducing the environmental impact of their operation they turned to Centreco to develop a solar energy system which would maximise the benefits of a non-revenue generating area of the site – being the roof of the property.

The Solution

Centreco designed and installed a system which was matched with the profile of Lakeland Commercial’s roof, including managing shading and skylight features, with the profile of electricity usage on site.

With these profiles in place, Centreco then facilitated funding for the system which saw the asset purchase being funded from the electricity savings, with highly attractive long term returns and the asset value of the property enhanced.

This cash positive solution was attractive to Lakeland Commercial and a 42kW system featuring 150 x 275w Canadian Solar panels and a Huawei inverter was installed.


The solar energy system at Lakeland Commercials has outperformed forecasts, generating 35,000 kWhrs per annum. This caters for a large proportion of the Company’s energy demand at the Kendal site.

Lakeland Commercials have enjoyed enhanced cost savings and delivered incremental environmental savings as a result.


The company commented “The system is cash positive from installation and it will be paid down in seven years. It will generate free electricity well beyond the warranted period of twenty-five years offering a premium return on capital and a valuable “nil cost” asset to the Company. Solar has been a great investment and Centreco have been a pleasure to deal with at all stages.”