Highfield House


Highfield House is a working farm, a vibrant farm shop and tea rooms.

Owned by the Prince family since 1986 this idyllic setting is both a thriving business, a key part of the local community and a main stay in protecting the environment in rural Derbyshire.

Highfield House had harnessed the benefits of renewable energy through two wind turbines, however they had a number of buildings with the potential to generate further electricity for self-consumption and incremental income streams through electricity export.

Key Stats

Client Type

Owner Operator




Ashover, Chesterfield

Project Type

Tier One Solar Energy System – Roof Mounted

System Size


Installation Date

July 2017

The Brief

Being a relatively high user of electricity, Highfield House were keen to reduce the electricity cost in their main shop unit. Further they wanted to extend their environmental credentials and reduce their carbon footprint.

Their main barn roof offered the potential for a solar energy system and Centreco were asked to design and install a suitable system.

The Solution

Centreco modelled the electricity usage profile of Highfield House and matched this to an appropriate solar array design, 188 x 265w Canadian solar panels were installed on a fibre cement farm building where a Huawei inverter connects the panels to the main farm shop supply where it feeds the busy café and butcher’s shop with chillers.


The yield from the system has significantly exceeded forecasts having generated over 50,000 kWhrs of output per annum. This has substantially reduced grid generated electricity consumption in the farm shop leading to reduced overheads, whilst in tandem beating the anticipated CO 2 savings target.