Firth Steels


Firth Steels are a highly innovative manufacturer of profiled steel products, used in roofing and cladding, roof deck, walls and floors. Firth Steels operate at the pinnacle of their sector and represent the very best in steel structure manufacturing and supply.

Formed in 1983, Firth Steels is a family business operating from their manufacturing site in Brighouse, Yorkshire. Their focus on a customer’s demands requires the Firth Steels’ manufacturing processes to be adaptable and highly responsive. By definition the site is a high user of electricity and the supply of energy represents a significant spend for the Company.

Whilst operating at the very highest levels of quality, competitiveness is always a feature in the construction supply chain and Firth Steels look to control their exposure to energy expense and the inflationary impacts of electricity price rises.

Firth Steels products are market leaders in the steel roofing and cladding markets, as a result they are often used as integrated solutions with solar energy systems or have such systems professionally mounted on their sheets and profiles.

Key Stats

Client Type

Owner Operator




Brighouse, Yorkshire

Project Type

Tier One Solar Energy System – Roof Mounted

System Size


Installation Date

January 2016

The Brief

Firth Steels wanted to address their electricity supply costs and add incremental environmental credentials to their operation. Given their experience they identified a solar energy system as the ideal opportunity to achieve this.

Given Firth Steels in depth knowledge of the roof material and roof structure markets, they called on the industry experts to design and install a suitable roof mounted solar energy system.

The Solution

By matching the electricity consumption profile to the system design, Centreco designed and installed a 200kW tier one roof mounted tier one solar energy system for Firth Steels.

The system installed consisted of 782 x 255w BenQ solar panels connected to a series of Huawei inverters producing electricity to directly feed the production facility.


The system has substantially reduced the client’s electricity consumption from the grid. Cost savings have beaten expectations as the system has over performed to consistently produce 180,000 kWhrs of electricity generation per annum.

With a full monitoring package in place with Centreco Firth Steels can be sure of the ongoing financial and environmental benefits of their solar energy system.

Centreco are delighted to be working with the experts in steel roof panelling and proud that the industry leader chose Centreco to deliver their high quality solar energy system.


James Firth, managing director at Firth Steels commented on the solar energy installation and the role of Centreco as follows:

“I am anxious to drive returns from every component of my business. My roof wasn’t earning any money for us, so after anaIysis, I decided to invest in a solar energy system.”

“We were investing our own money, we had to make the right decision on the technology and on the installer.”

“Centreco provided a clear and professional presentation of the potential. They provided a straight forward and honest appraisal of the opportunity – Centreco get the balance just right.”

“Of course, you worry about the risk of a system not performing as projected, but Centreco were prudent in their assumptions and I am pleased to say that my solar energy system is exceeding our expectations.”

“My decision to install a solar energy system from Centreco, has been a good one. “It does what it says on the tin.”

“Centreco are a good entrepreneurial company and I would highly recommend them for the installation of your solar energy system.”

“Following a recent expansion to storage facilities and based on the success of the initial system, Firth Steels are preparing to make a further investment in solar through Centreco.”

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