Allied Filter Systems


As one of the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Filtration systems and consumables, Allied Filter Systems Ltd often form part of a wider supply chain for industries including within the Chemical, Coatings and Food and Beverage sectors. Many companies within these sectors are facing increasing pressure to ensure their supply chains are environmentally friendly in line with the SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting requirements).

With electricity costs on the rise, Allied Filter Systems Ltd are also able to benefit from equivalent fixed electricity costs of just 3.7p per kWh projected over the next 25 years. This offers a substantial saving against grid supplied electricity rates currently available and protects against long-term inflationary pressures on energy costs.

Dan Thompson, Managing Director of Allied Filter Systems Ltd said “Centreco did originally approach us a few years back looking to provide us with a solar energy installation, but at the time, we felt we had other business priorities and, in our eyes, whilst we could understand the benefits, we felt that we had to prioritise other long-term investments. Given the current energy crisis, and ever-increasing environmental awareness within supply chains, we knew we had to explore solar again, and honestly, I wish we had done it sooner. When we looked at the figures, we were taken aback by the payback period, perspective savings and in my eyes, it did just make more sense than ever before.”

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Owner Operator




Irlam, Manchester

Project Type

Tier One Solar Energy System - Roof Mounted

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Installation Date

Mid 2022