Centreco Awarded Best Solar Energy Systems Consultancy 2023

(Centreco UK Limited)

Based in Chorley, Lancashire, Centreco UK Limited is a fast growth company formed in January 2014 which specialises in providing high-quality commercial solar energy systems across a range of business sectors throughout the United Kingdom. We find out more as the firm gains notable recognition in the Midlands Enterprise Awards.

Leading provider of solar energy systems to businesses in the UK, Centreco UK Limited provides companies with the opportunity to cut their electricity costs and improve their environmental footprint by generating their own electricity from their own site.

A Centreco system offers immediate payback and compelling long-term returns over an installation’s guaranteed performance lifetime of 25 years and beyond. Centreco’s solar energy systems generally occupy redundant roof space and, as such, add value to a client’s business and property.

With entrepreneurial high-performance culture, Centreco is a dynamic high-growth business with a very open and can-do ethos. It specialises in the commercial and industrial sectors and operates to tight controls and procedures, with a keen focus on safety and quality through its operations.

“We’re passionate about the work that we do,” enthuses Matt Gerrard of Centreco. “The ability to deliver low-cost green energy to UK businesses is a compelling proposition for our clients and we take pride in working with some of the country’s most forward-thinking businesses in support of their sustainable futures.” 

As Centreco only focuses on the business market, concentrating on commercial installations with clients who spend more that £30,000 per annum on electricity, this has allowed to build an unrivalled skill in design, modelling, installing, and managing mid-to large-scale renewable energy installations.

Centreco has developed industry-leading supply and project management systems, it installs only tier one top quality products and, with control of the installation process through its own employed operations teams, it delivers a high-quality and very cost-effective solar energy solution to customers.

Currently, the burgeoning commercial solar energy systems market is undergoing a period of high growth, driven by increasing environmental awareness across businesses, along with the significant impact of increasingly high energy prices.

A Centreco Solar Energy System will deliver fixed price electricity in the region of 4ppkWHr across a 25 year-plus timeframe, versus the current grid supply market at above 30ppkWHr. A Centreco system will protect against any long-term inflationary pressures on this core overhead and will deliver nil carbon electricity to a business for the long-term.

“As you can imagine, the sustainability and cost pressures on businesses are driving strong demand for Centreco’s systems,” elaborates Matt. “The midlands has always been a core market for Centreco; with strong manufacturing, production, engineering, and industrial sectors the region has a wide range of progressive high-end users of electricity, perfect for Centreco to work with going forward.”

Indeed, the firm has undertaken 65 installations in the midlands to date and with its regional operations team being based from Worcester, this region offers the perfect location for Centreco to provide its services, as a result of excellent logistic and transport routes.

Recently, in recognition of its dedication to enabling businesses to enjoy high-quality solar energy systems, Centreco was named Best Solar Energy Systems Consultancy 2023 in the Midlands Enterprise Awards.

Now, the firm is committed to embracing the increasing sector demand and remaining at the forefront of the commercial sector, it will continue to recruit and train its own high-quality project development and installation staff.

“We have a strong pipeline of projects ahead of us, building our reach and capacity whilst maintaining our focus on safety and service are key to our continued leadership of the sector. We look forward to working with businesses throughout the midlands to deliver them self-generated, low cost renewable electricity for the long-term.”

23rd August 2023

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