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Commercial solar energy experts – fully accredited
Installed hundreds of commercial solar energy systems
Experienced staff offering uk nationwide coverage
All inclusive pricing and fully warranted systems
Offer exceptional value and a price guarantee
All systems bespoke designed to offer immediate pay back

Who are Centreco

Centreco is the trading name of Centreco (UK) Limited, a private limited company based in Chorley, Lancashire who are the leading provider of solar energy systems to businesses throughout the United Kingdom. 

Centreco is a fast growth profitable company formed in January 2014 who specialise in only providing high quality commercial solar energy systems. We work across a range of business sectors – owner / operators, corporates, landlords, new builds and the public sector. We can also provide re-roof and roof work requirements as part of our solar energy installation services.

Centreco are first amongst solar installation companies. By offering solar panels to UK business, Centreco deliver premium solar pv energy systems allowing companies to control their electricity generation at substantially reduced costs, to deliver environmental benefits and to increase their energy security.

Centreco are dedicated to the design, installation and funding of commercial solar energy systems for businesses in the U.K.

Centreco are NAPIT and MCS accredited

NAPIT Approved Installers
MCS Accredited Solar Installer

Centreco Operates Nationwide

Centreco have delivered over two hundred commercial solar energy installations across Great Britain.

See the map for solar energy installations Centreco have worked on by size in kW

Meet the Centreco Management Team

Adrian is an experienced head of quoted, private and corporate businesses who has led Companies in the U.K. and internationally across a range of business to business markets including the automotive, media and energy sectors.

Adrian now works with highly talented management teams to drive profitable growth by delivering compelling propositions and exceptional customer service.

He formed Centreco in January 2014, building the platform for a business focussed on leading the U.K. commercial solar energy market. By joining forces with solar energy professionals and stakeholders, Centreco quickly developed a strong market position allowing its development into a major force in the industry.

Adrian remains active in the business as a catalyst for its development and Chairs its Holding Company being Array Investments Limited. He is responsible for overseeing Corporate, Strategic and Financial matters.

Adrian believes Centreco has the opportunity to lead and consolidate the U.K. commercial solar energy sector by offering exceptional financial returns for its clients. Centreco has grown into a strong Company set to challenge the norms of electricity supply to the commercial sector in the U.K.

Email: adrian.dunleavy@centreco.co.uk

Having originally honed his management skills in the plant hire and construction sectors, Jon has a wealth of experience in the solar energy sector having held a number of senior operational roles focussed on the successful development and delivery of solar energy installations at scale across a range of renewable markets.

Jon initially led the operational, logistics and procurement functions of the business from its formation in 2014. As well as building the company’s unrivalled in house installation capacity, Jon developed the procurement and pricing models which allow Centreco to be the most competitive company in the marketplace.

As Managing Director Jon now oversees the day to day management and performance of the Centreco business across all functions. Jon stays very close to each project and is very much hands on, being easily accessible to clients, suppliers and stakeholders. He is a strong operator with an entrepreneurial spirit, he drives the Centreco to be the very best in the commercial solar energy sector.

Jon leads the successful development of Centreco by offering its clients exceptional service levels, lower costs to access solar energy combined with innovative funding solutions to allow immediate pay back.

Email: jon.williams@centreco.co.uk

Jim is a successful business leader and entrepreneur. He has experience in media, industrial, construction and supply chain sectors. He was a co-investor in the Centreco business in 2014.

Jim was enthused by the commercial proposition that solar energy offered a Company. The returns are sky high; the investment offers the potential of immediate pay back with value created in a long-term asset which can be easily financed to allow a cash positive profile. The environmental benefits are compelling and a Company protects itself from the inflationary pressures of a key overhead – being electricity prices.

A “no brainer” for a Company as far as Jim is concerned and so he worked with the Centreco team on the development of the business in order to bring this proposition to market

Jim has stayed engaged with Centreco and brings a wealth of experience to Array Investments Limited – the parent Company of Centreco – he acts as a non-executive director of that business bringing his experience and entrepreneurial spirit to bear.

Jim wants to see every company in the U.K. been given the opportunity to exploit the benefits of solar energy – there are a lot to go for and Centreco looks forward to being of the forefront of the opportunity to deliver that.

Email: jim.knox@centreco.co.uk

With a Business and Marketing qualification and experience in the renewable energy markets, Tom joined Centreco shortly after the business commenced operation in 2014.

He worked on developing the company’s proposition in the commercial solar energy market, being instrumental in creating the funding solutions and financial models which allow clients to enjoy immediate cash benefits from their solar energy installation.

As a shareholder in Centreco, Tom formed Centreco’s client engagement and customer acquisition models, he has led the sales and marketing functions of the business.

Being a strong communicator and passionate about the opportunities solar energy opens up for U.K. businesses, Tom now focuses on bringing the benefits of solar energy to the attention of the U.K. commercial and industrial sector.

Tom is a key driver in the growth of Centreco being responsible for the introduction of the proposition to a developing customer base and for forging a strong partnership between a client and Centreco.

Tom is committed to seeing solar energy deployed as widely as possible in order to bring cost, environmental and energy security benefits to the U.K. commercial sector.

Email: thomas.knox@centreco.co.uk

Alan has a background in senior Sales and Customer Service roles for organisations across the Construction, Leisure, Manufacturing and the Renewable Energy sectors. As an experienced link between supplier and customer in corporate, private and public sector environments Alan has facilitated the delivery of several multi-million pound capital projects in the U.K. and internationally.

Alan joined Centreco in 2019 in a sales position, a function which has developed to see him become Head of Projects for the Company. This role is responsible for the interface with a client from the solar energy project development and commissioning phase through to project installation.

Alan will manage the client services element of a project to ensure the optimal delivery of a project; having immersed himself in the requirements of a client operationally, commercially and logistically he will work on a client’s behalf within Centreco to generate the ultimate system formation and an optimal commercial proposal.

Once agreed, Alan will work to generate an installation plan to suit a client’s site specific considerations. Alan will work tirelessly as a key contact with the client during the build phase to commissioning and beyond.

Alan takes delight in seeing a solar system perform beyond its expectations – something he is getting very used to as a part of the Centreco business.

Email: alan.cuthbert@centreco.co.uk

Phil has a background in business processes, information technology, marketing systems and data management. With an accounting qualification Phil has a keen eye for detail and is technically astute.

Phil joined Centreco in 2016, he initially devised and implemented the company’s business systems, I.T. infrastructure, C.R.M. and data management processes before progressing to manage Centreco’s solar energy technical and design function.

He will manage the analysis, modelling and solar energy system design activity to ensure an installation will optimise the commercial and environmental benefits for a client. Phil leads the innovation hub of Centreco; he is continually reviewing appropriate and developing products for deployment. He is ahead of the technology curve and will use his attention to detail to optimise the potential of a system design.

Phil will oversee the process of system development for a live project through to the operational function of the business and as such is key to the planning and workflow efficiencies of Centreco.

Phil makes sure that a client gets everything they can from their pound spent on a solar energy system through high quality analysis, design and product specification.

Email: phil.mooney@centreco.co.uk

Michelle is a skilled business administrator, having experience in managing company offices and business processes in a variety of sectors including utilities, engineering and fabrication.

Michelle joined Centreco in 2018 as Head of Business Administration. This role oversees the smooth internal operation of Centreco’s business processes and runs the works required for solar energy project approval pre-installation (including operator approval, planning and structural surveys) and post installation (including operator inspections, handover packs and warranty transfers).

Her resources also manage transport, travel, head office logistics and general administration. Recently Michelle has taken on finance administration and business control functions, she liaises with suppliers, distributors and clients as a result.

Michelle’s input helps Centreco run efficiently ensuring a first-class service can be offered to our clients.

Email: michelle.marchant@centreco.co.uk

Meet the Centreco Management Team

Adrian Dunleavy


Jon Williams

Managing Director

Jim Knox

Non Executive

Tom Knox

Business Development Director

Alan Cuthbert

Head of Projects

Phil Mooney

Head of Technical

Michelle Marchant

Head of Business Administration

Investing in a solar energy system offers a client exceptional returns, generates long term value with an immediate cash benefit

Centreco Offer A Free, No Obligation, Solar Energy Appraisal For Your Business Premises.

Commercial solar energy experts – fully accredited
Installed hundreds of commercial solar energy systems
Experienced staff offering uk nationwide coverage
All inclusive pricing and fully warranted systems
Offer exceptional value and a price guarantee
All systems bespoke designed to offer immediate pay back

With unrivalled warranties backed by a premium maintenance and monitoring package, a top tier solar energy system from Centreco offers quality and certainty

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