Products and Warranties

No initial outlay - Cash positive immediately
A sound business decision - deliver exceptional return on investment
Investment in your assets - Add value to your property
Environmental benefits - Move to a renewable energy future
Inflation busting - Hedge a long term low electricity price
Energy security – Warranted system performance

The highest quality products

Centreco do not align themselves specifically with equipment manufacturers, therefore allowing flexibility to design and specify a system optimally to an individual site’s requirements. In addition, this flexibility offers sourcing, cost and procurement benefits which are passed onto a client.

In all instances however Centreco will only work with leading technology partners and Centreco’s installations come with full equipment manufacturer warranties as a result.


As Centreco only install tier one solar panels across an installation a client will enjoy the benefits of a full 25 year performance warranty backed by the manufacturer and insured.

This offers certainty around the output of these panels through a 25 year linear power performance warranty whereby the performance of the panel will be at least 80% of the rated power output specified at installation after a 25 year period. Centreco will have factored this warranted position into its design and forecasts throughout in preparing yield reports, modelling and quotes for a client.

A solar panel will offer the stated performance over the long term. A client can rely on this exceptional warranty position in the primary component of the solar energy system and can be confident in the forecasted performance as a result.

Note that a panel will continue to perform beyond this 25 year warranted position, reinforcing the outstanding long term investment and value to be generated from a commercial solar energy system.

Inverter warranties vary to an extent between the premium manufacturers, the minimum standard is for a 5 year product warranty to apply, although extensions to this term can be purchased at minimal cost.

The Best Installation Service

Centreco offers an unrivalled workmanship guarantee, whereby the work undertaken by Centreco in installing the solar energy system is warranted for a period of two years from the completion of these works. This extended period allows plenty of time for the system to be fully assessed with regards to its fitting in situ, allowing a client the certainty that the system has been installed to the very highest standard and without any defect to their premises.

By aligning a premium inverter with a tier one panel a client will have the security of fully warranted products. With the additional workmanship guarantee a client can be sure that an installation undertaken by Centreco is delivered to the very highest standards using the very best quality products.

Centreco only use premium products on a solar installation backed by unbeatable system and workmanship warranties