Maintenance and Monitoring

No initial outlay - Cash positive immediately
A sound business decision - deliver exceptional return on investment
Investment in your assets - Add value to your property
Environmental benefits - Move to a renewable energy future
Inflation busting - Hedge a long term low electricity price
Energy security – Warranted system performance

Extra peace of mind

A solar energy system in itself requires little maintenance as there are no “moving parts” and cleaning is only necessary if local conditions dictate. To that end a solar energy system once installed should perform to the forecast without intervention throughout its operating projections over the minimum twenty-five year warranted period.

However certain clients look for extra peace of mind and look to Centreco to provide a monitoring, inspection and maintenance and reporting service on their behalf.

In the event that a client elects to have this service then Centreco will continually monitor the solar energy system remotely.

We will pick up any drop off in performance against forecasts on a string by string basis. This will highlight any unlikely fault with the operation of the system.

If any problem is found Centreco will immediately liaise with the site’s operation in order to enact a remote fix. In the rare event that this is not feasible then Centreco will send an engineer to site in order to rectify any problem in situ. This engineer response will always be initiated within 24 hours of the problem being identified.

Centreco provide the ultimate aftercare package for solar energy systems in the U.K.

Inspection of all elements

Centreco will additionally inspect all elements of the system on an annual basis. This thorough inspection will include a full survey of the following elements:

• Panel Integrity
• Electrical Connections, Panel Wiring and Controls
• Inverters / AC Distribution Systems
• Mains Connections
• Metering and Monitoring Systems

Centreco shall submit a full service report to the client following an inspection.


Every system which enjoys the monitoring service...
Will receive monthly operating reporting on the output of a system. These reports will show generation performance mapped against the monthly forecast for a system. They will also show the positive environmental benefits of a system by recording the CO2 savings in that period. An analysis of billing electricity billing profiles can be provided as required.
Where a client is charging a third party...

For the electricity generated by the system, for example in a landlord and tenant relationship, then Centreco can administer the billing and collection process on behalf of that client with a full remittance and statement facility to back up the process. This complete outsource service means that a client can enjoy the full financial returns of a solar energy system without the need for any works on their side.

With a monitoring and maintenance service...
From Centreco a client can have absolute peace of mind that their solar energy system will operate as dictated under the equipment warranty provisions. With remote monitoring and a full annual inspection service in place any unlikely problem is responded to immediately in order to minimise downtime. Warranted faults are repaired at no cost to the client. System reporting allows the client to clearly identify the benefits of the system and Centreco can undertake a full billing service and analysis as required.

Every commercial solar energy system installed and maintained by Centreco has out performed the forecasted generation projections, delivering extra savings for clients