Financial Modelling

No initial outlay - Cash positive immediately
A sound business decision - deliver exceptional return on investment
Investment in your assets - Add value to your property
Environmental benefits - Move to a renewable energy future
Inflation busting - Hedge a long term low electricity price
Energy security – Warranted system performance

Maximising the financial benefits

As part of the development process Centreco will specify the panels and equipment against the energy consumption profile of a site and the available useful (roof) space to optimise the financial returns from a systems’ operation.

In addition to these sizing and specification efficiency measures, Centreco will price a system at the most competitive rate possible and will never be beaten on price for a like for like system from a like installer.

Centreco will illustrate a systems performance and financial profile against all available funding options

Solar Energy
funding options

As part of the development process Centreco will aim to keep the capital cost of the system at a level which allows the savings to drive premium returns and an attractive pay back profile.

A client can choose to purchase a solar energy system outright as a capital item. This can be a very sensible option if a business has surplus cash funds as the pay back periods and return on capital profiles are highly attractive and will likely beat other options for deployment of such cash.

However, most solar energy systems use a tailored funding mechanism whereby the repayment of any financing is funded by the savings generated by the solar energy system itself to create an immediate and ongoing cash surplus combined with the ownership of the system and the associated long-term benefits.

Additionally, under an outright capital purchase or hire purchase arrangement certain capital and annual investment allowances are available to companies. These enhance the returns further and deliver immediate cash upsides for Companies.

Centreco will introduce specialist funding options to a client which allow nil cash outlay, immediate cash benefits and a fully owned solar energy system

Centreco will CLEARLY illustrate all financial models and key metrics

Centreco will clearly illustrate all at the end of the development phase Centreco will have designed a highly efficient solar energy system for a site which matches consumption profiles with an array design. The system will incorporate premium panels, high quality inverters and electrical components designed to deliver an optimal performance. Centreco will have priced the project in the most competitive manner possible and will have illustrated a fully inclusive project cost.

The generation forecasts will feed into financial models to demonstrate the savings made on electricity purchases from the grid combined with any benefits of selling surplus electricity back to the grid. These are set against the available purchasing and financing options with the benefit of any grants, allowances and tax incentives highlighted.
This will be laid out in a manner so that costs, total returns, cash flows, return on capital, return on investment and a hedged electricity price can be illustrated for a client against each funding scenario available. All assumptions are clearly highlighted.

All will be presented clearly and concisely for ease of interpretation and dissemination through the key decision makers in the Company.

The development phase of a project allows a client to assess the potential of a fully designed bespoke solar energy system for their site