Solar Energy Appraisal

No initial outlay - Cash positive immediately
A sound business decision - deliver exceptional return on investment
Investment in your assets - Add value to your property
Environmental benefits - Move to a renewable energy future
Inflation busting - Hedge a long term low electricity price
Energy security – Warranted system performance

No cost, no obligation solar energy appraisal for your business

If you spend more than £1,000 per month on electricity in your business, Centreco will provide a completely free assessment of the potential of solar energy for your commercial premises.

A Centreco solar appraisal will provide an illustration of the benefits a solar energy system could bring specifically to your company, to include:

A desktop review of your site layout and its potential to accommodate a solar energy system with sizing and layout recommendations.

An analysis of your electricity usage with the current and forecast cost to your business. 

Power generation and financial projections to show the potential savings from a solar energy system designed for your premises against your electricity usage profile. 

Funding illustrations to provide indicative capital returns and cash flow advantages. 

Environmental impact review showing the potential CO2 savings from a solar energy system installation at your site.

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Centreco Solar Energy Appraisal

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