No initial outlay - Cash positive immediately
A sound business decision - deliver exceptional return on investment
Investment in your assets - Add value to your property
Environmental benefits - Move to a renewable energy future
Inflation busting - Hedge a long term low electricity price
Energy security – Warranted system performance

Solar energy drives returns for shareholders

With increasing pressure on large businesses and listed Companies to deliver ever improved return on shareholder funds coupled with an increasing environmental responsibility in their operations, so a solar energy system from Centreco makes for a compelling investment. The return on capital employed performance of a system will beat even the most onerous corporate targets whilst delivering several Tonnes of CO2 savings from a typical installation.

For large organisations looking for a solar energy business to partner with Centreco are a perfect fit. Centreco are experienced at dealing at Corporate Board level when forming and presenting the merits of an investment in a solar energy system. Centreco will work with all functions across an organisation to deliver an optimal solar energy installation on a single or multi-site basis.

Solar Energy meets the financial and environmental goals of an organisation

Centreco will work with a large organisation to deliver the financial, environmental and social benefits of Solar Energy

Centreco will advise and consult on the potential of the installation, often being involved in the capital expenditure approval process through the Corporate decision-making chain. On approval we will then refine a design to meet corporate goals and install the resulting project. Reporting is an important factor for Corporates and with Centreco’s Maintenance and Monitoring Packages, so a suite of management reports are built to ensure the targets and objectives of the solar energy installation are exceeded.

Centreco, as a leading solar energy business, understand the needs of Corporates and work with them to deliver the benefits of Solar Power.

Centreco works with company boards to deliver the benefits of solar energy