Our Solutions

Bespoke commercial solar solutions for businesses, Landlords and overclad roofs.

Centreco guarantees efficient, bespoke solar energy systems taken from a 20-year average data analysis on a property’s, climate, daylight patterns and orientation.

Comprehensive on-site surveys ensure the specific requirements for installation.  When our clients are happy, our experts can deliver turnkey system installation using tier one equipment that comes complete with performance guarantees and manufacturer warranties.

A typical roof-mounted solar energy system delivered by Centreco will operate for more than 30 years.  Performance guarantees are for 25 years and access to funding packages are cash positive from year one in most instances.


Businesses have been hit by steeper energy tariffs in recent years – an increase many are reluctant to pass on to customers.  This is where solar comes to the fore to help break through these overheads, keeping businesses ahead of the competition.  Solar offers both environmental and financial benefits for business owners and Centreco can offer custom-designed commercial solar solutions to owner-occupied business premises.  Centreco knows that the key to achieving the best ROI  from solar is all about the design, and Centreco’s experienced professionals can measure and install bespoke solutions to businesses with minimal disruption, ensuring little to no impact on business as usual, with financing options that ensure minimal impact on company cash flow.


Solar energy solutions are an attractive investment for landlords looking to make greater returns from their property portfolio by installing a solar energy system on parts of a property or properties that are typically non-revenue-generating.  Landlords can not only achieve a healthy ROI on the property, but can also reduce electricity costs for tenants, making the property more attractive, while our bespoke monitoring package takes care of tenant billing.  Centreco’s full property assessment equips landlords with the information they need to increase the financial yield on their portfolio.

Overclad and solar for asbestos roofs

The dynamic of properties with asbestos-clad roofing means these sorts of properties tend to suffer from leaks, and can be inefficient due to limited insulation.  This is why these sorts of roofs are then overclad with steel roof sheeting, which allows for a pocket of insulation, resulting in a watertight, more efficient roof.  However, installations such as these can be costly, impacting on company cash-flow.  Centreco has a solution.  By overcladding asbestos-clad roofs concurrent with solar PV system installation through a Centreco financial package, businesses can spread the cost of essential roofworks that bring tangible ROI through the benefits of a solar energy system.  Your overclad roofing will pay for itself.

Operations & Maintenance packages

Following from the installation of your Centreco solar PV system, it is essential to ensure the system is working correctly to ensure you achieve the highest returns.

Centreco’s O&M package gives business owners and landlords the peace of mind that the professionals are monitoring your system daily, responding to any issues to ensure your solar installation is achieving the best results.

As a client, you will receive monthly reports detailing the performance of your system against predicted yield, so you can see how hard your investment is working for you.

Accessible funding

A solar energy system for business owners and landlords is a shrewd long-term investment, offering environmental and financial benefits that can transform your enterprise.  Our experts can offer you funding structures allowing almost any commercial property owner in the UK to access the benefits of solar energy.

Solar power can transform your business, call the experts at Centreco today.