Focus SB


Focus SB is a multi-award winning British brand renowned for the design, development and manufacture of premium electrical wiring accessories. At the forefront of their industry for over 40 years, their long standing ability to create desirable faceplate and light switch designs and finishes using a blend of traditional artisan crafts combined with cutting edge technology is complemented by their years of in-house experience and investment in manufacturing training.

The next step in their investment programmes was in creating a green future for the company. Solar had been on their agenda for a number of years, and decided to proceed with an installation following Centreco’s proposal. Centreco designed and install a bespoke 96kW Roof Mounted Tier One Solar Energy system, optimised to deliver the best long term commercial returns.

Key Stats

Client Type

Owner Operator





Project Type

Tier One Solar Energy System - Roof Mounted

System Size


Installation Date

Early 2022