Fabdec is the leading developer of innovative high quality stainless steel heat transfer products. Their mission is to sustain a positive impact on lives, from their employees to their customers, suppliers and all other partners. They achieve this through investing in people and products and by combining their Company core competences and resources with leading strategic partners.

Fabdec is committed to continuous growth, maintaining a truly customer focussed team culture and being aware of their responsibility to the environment. Fabdec is accredited with the EN.ISO. 9001: Quality Certificate ensuring our commitment to quality assurance throughout the company.

Key Stats

Client Type

Corporate / Owner Operator


Stainless Steel Products


Ellesmere, Shropshire

Project Type

Re-Roof and Solar Energy System

System Size


Installation Date

June 2019

The Brief

Like any manufacturing business Fabdec have seen increasing electricity process push up their energy overheads at their Ellesmere manufacturing site in recent years. Being very environmentally aware, Fabdec also wanted to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment and were considering various renewable energy solutions as a way of achieving both cost reductions and CO 2 emissions.

Fabdec were also particularly keen to address the condition of their old asbestos roof at the site in order to reduce leaks, enhance insulation and better secure their property.

Centreco were asked to design a suitable roof mounted solar energy system to eradicate electricity costs, improve environmental performance and to facilitate the roof works all to be funded through an integrated financing package driven by the energy savings.

The Solution

Centreco designed and facilitated a new over clad roof system, which gave the client a new external sheet steel membrane to their existing roof, encompassing a layer of insulation to improve the efficiency and EPC rating of the property.

Following analysis of Fabdec’s electricity usage on site, Centreco further designed and installed a 250kW solar energy system to be installed on the new roof structure, this system output equalised the energy requirements of the site with the solar system layout for maximum efficiency and savings.

Overall the project consisted of an Ash & Lacey-insulated asbestos over clad system; Firth Steels steel roof sheeting, and 908 x 275w BYD Solar Panels connected to Huawei Inverters.

Centreco arranged an integrated funding package allowing the re-roofing costs to be absorbed in to the solar energy system financing, meaning that the electricity cost savings could fund the reroof and the long term solar energy system asset at no cash outlay to Fabdec.


Fabdec now have a new leak-free, insulated roof, which has increased the EPC and energy efficiency of their building.

The solar energy system is performing over forecast meaning nil cost electricity delivered to the Fabdec site with no CO 2 related output.

The electricity cost savings are delivering the roof and system asset repayments meaning Fabdec will enjoy the benefits of solar energy for many years to come without any net cash outlay.

A new roof, a top tier solar energy system delivered by Centreco to Fabdec, allowing them to continue to meet their corporate goals, without a drain on any Company resources.


Chris Powell, managing director at Fabdec, said on the environmental benefits of a CentrecoSolar Energy System:

“Lowering the environmental impact of our business is a key part of our plans for the future.We believe that the decarbonisation of the HVAC sector must begin at the manufacturing stage, and this installation marked another step in our commitment to this.”

“Our products play a significant role in making the water heating, dairy and brewery sectors more sustainable. By lowering our reliance on fossil fuels and minimising waste, we can ensure that we build sustainability in from the outset of the manufacturing process.”

“We’ve found that embracing innovative new technology has been key to our strong environmental track record and has led to other benefits across the organisation including increased efficiency and staff wellbeing.”

“We are looking forward to investing further in sustainable technology and continuing to minimise the impact that our business has on the environment.”

Chris Powell, went on to comment on the role played by Centreco and the results of the new Fabdec solar Energy System:

“The development stage allowed us to gain a lot of confidence, the survey and analysis was thorough and allowed us to explore every element of the project before we pressed the button.”

“We had confidence in Centreco and the project. We haven’t been let down.The solar system is paying for our new roof.”

“We needed to address our roof condition. The opportunity to combine these works with a cost saving solar energy installation was excellent, a win win for Fab dec.”

“The integrated funding solution introduced by Centreco was very helpful, it alleviated any necessity to prioritise capital projects allowing us to progress investments in the factory whilst also fixing the roof and cutting energy costs through the solar energy installation.”

“Centreco are very straight forward and easy to deal with. I would definitely recommend Centreco to any business looking to undertake a solar energy installation (with roof works).”

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