EWGA Wines


EWGA Wines LTD is one of the biggest wine wholesalers in North-West England. Founded in 1972, the company continues to grow and innovate thanks to its close relationship with its wine producers, offering the best quality, service, and value for money on a range of wines from around the world. EWGA supplies hotels & restaurants, independent retail shops and other wine wholesalers across the UK.
In 2022, EWGA Wines joined the Harpers Sustainability Charter to champion further the advancing sustainable best practices across the business. The signatories of this Charter are required to show that they are moving along an increasingly sustainable trajectory towards annual goals, by confirming actions taken to meet specific targets.
Once the team at EWGA understood the benefits of a Centreco Solar Installation, the next movie in their sustainability journey was to install a self-generating solar energy system at their facility in Carnforth.
Desktop and on-site surveys allowed Centreco to model EWGA’s energy usage and match it to a system specification. Centreco designed and installed a tailored 30kW renewable energy system for EWGA. The system consists of 66 tier-one panels and allows EWGA to benefit from fixed energy rates at just 5p per kW Hour for the long-term.

This Centreco system allows EWGA to reduce electricity costs, remain competitive as a result, and demonstrate their long-term environmental aspirations. 

Key Stats

Client Type

Owner Operator





Project Type

Tier One Solar Energy System - Roof Mounted

System Size


Installation Date

June 2023