Eagle Specialist Vehicles


Wilcox Limousines are Coachbuilders established 69 years ago in the UK. Wilcox Limousines has the largest selection of new and used Funeral Vehicles in Europe, and are the market leaders providing Hearses, Limousines, Private Ambulances, Removal Vans and Hearsettes based on Jaguar, Vauxhall, Volvo and Ford vehicles.

Wilcox are recognised for their constantly innovative designs, creative flair and years of experience guaranteeing first class vehicle designs.

Wilcox operate with three branches in the UK, with the site in Wigan, Lancashire operating under the trading name Eagle Specialist Vehicles (ESV). ESV lease these premises and carry out retro fit, conversion and manufacturing activities from three linked units on site.

The specialist vehicle market focuses on high quality and value. ESV were keen to reduce their operating costs at the Wigan site to enhance their competitiveness further, having suffered increases in electricity pricing in recent times, ESV looked to install a solar energy system to eradicate their spend on electricity and remove the impact of energy price inflation going forward.

Key Stats

Client Type





Wigan, Lancashire

Project Type

Tier One Solar Energy System – Roof Mounted

System Size


Installation Date

December 2017

The Brief

ESV looked for the solar energy system to meet the electricity demand across their three operating units. The electricity demand was to be varied going forward by combining the solar energy system installation with the installation of new LED lighting. ESV looked to fund the installation themselves and was keen for a cost-competitive solution with an attractive payback and a strong return on capital.

As the site was leased, ESV also looked for Centreco to design a system which the landlord would consent to in the context of its structural integrity and enhanced asset value.

The Solution

Centreco designed and installed a solar energy system, which split the supply as required across the three operating units on site against each forecast demand profile with the LED lighting system installed. This design minimised export of electricity from site in order to maximise the returns and payback periods for ESV.

Centreco used a ballast-weighted flat roof system featuring 304 x 330w Canadian Solar Panels aligned south to produce the highest yield possible. The three units were connected via Huawei inverters. Centreco’s proposals were approved by the landlord.


The Centreco designed system is meeting ESV’s electricity requirements and is outperforming forecasts by as much as 10 %, producing 90,000 kWhrs electricity generated per annum. This performance has yielded a surplus to ESV with their landlord utilising the surplus across the other units and providing an incremental income stream to ESV as a result.

The forecast payback period will be beaten and the return on capital will represent a shrewd investment.


Wilcox Limousines said

“The system is significantly reducing our electricity cost, it is ahead of our expectations and through the summer months when generation is at its highest, we see money paid back to us for energy from our solar PV system that the landlord sells to his other tenants.

This has been an excellent investment and we thank Centreco for delivering this opportunity for us”