Bates Farm & Dairy


Bates Dairy are a family business through and through, with their history and future firmly tied to milk and dairy. As a company and a family, Bates place great emphasis on sustainability and as such communicate frequently with both customers and suppliers to ensure they understand their current and future dairy requirements and ensure that operationally they are as green as possible.

As part of their environmental and sustainability programmes, the installation of a solar energy system was a high priority, and after exploring alternative suppliers, Centreco were selected to design and install a bespoke system for them.

Through site surveys, Centreco selected to install a bespoke 91kW Solar Energy system that closely matches their electricity usage profile to ensure the best long term commercial returns.

Key Stats

Client Type

Owner Operator





Project Type

Tier One Solar Energy System - Roof Mounted

System Size


Installation Date

September 2020